WTI saves your company time and money by working proactively to maintain your company’s IT infrastructure. WTI acts as the smoke alarm, protecting you before the need for firefighters arises, but can also provide a rapid response to any IT emergency. Refocus your time and money toward growing your business and let WTI take care of your IT needs. WTI is the only company that can combine business network support, communication services and VoIP phone systems on one invoice. That’s right, one single bill for your voice, data, VoIP and IT business network support needs.

Our Services


WTI helps your company manage the flow of voice, data, internet security and disaster recovery applications through a comprehensive suite of communication and business network solutions – all under one umbrella. From pre-installation to deployment and integration, we make communication flow better end-to-end.

IT Advisory and Managed IT Services

WTI works with you to create a strategic communications, IT, and VoIP plan designed specifically for your business needs. Most small businesses don’t have the expertise it takes to realize the full potential of available technology. WTI helps your business run smoothly and cost effectively by streamlining your IT needs.

Phone Systems

WTI is committed to improving your business’s phone systems. WTI can help you navigate the ever changing marketplace of emerging new VoIP technologies. Our passion for learning guides our technical knowledge, as well as our development of cutting-edge products and service offerings for our customers.