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Scott Engineering

Scott Engineering is an employee-owned corporation in which the entire team takes great pride in the quality of their product. In recent years the company has made great strides in their growth. However, a serious problem cast a shadow over their success – they expanded faster than their networking infrastructure could keep up with, and the existing IT department was tremendously unprepared for that development. The antiquated networking equipment they had been using inevitably overloaded and their techs were quickly overwhelmed. Productivity, communication, and security all suffered as a result of the inadequate IT support. Scott Engineering needed an immediate solution to their IT and communications issues as well as the flexibility to continue to expand, so they brought it up with Insperity, who handles their payroll, HR, provisions of W/C, health, & D.I. and other employee benefits for Scott Engineering. Insperity referred WTI to handle Scott Engineering’s IT with a customized MSP (managed service provider) plan. WTI provided an IT solution in June, 2011 that addressed all of their IT concerns and also included a new virtual server to run their ERP and MS-Exchange email server.

When the company decided it was time to move to a larger location in 2012 they found themselves in good hands. At this point WTI created a clear plan of action for the migration of their major systems and took on the full project with a solution involving a team-oriented model offering proficiencies in a number of technical disciplines. WTI managed the complete move of all Scott Engineering’s PCs, servers and network infrastructure from the old facility to the new, 100,000 square foot facility.

At the new location WTI installed a wireless network, eliminating the need for wired infrastructure typical of large buildings and ensuring that future expansion is easy and inexpensive. This wireless network’s connectivity is redundant, ensuring maximum uptime, productivity, and security at Scott Engineering. The 1080p full high definition cameras WTI installed as part of the new security system at Scott Engineering offer high quality digital zoom, accurate color, and wide angle lenses. WTI protected the main data network with a high level of security encryption and authentication design, complete with a guest network. The VoIP phone system and Layer 3 switches WTI installed allow connectivity to the Ethernet powered devices. Scott Engineering is now fully equipped to operate as a highly productive facility, boasting an Allworx Phone System with Call assistant for each PC and 60-party Conference Center. The IP Phone system includes iAllworx for use with both the iPhone and Android SIP connections to the phone system to complete their mobility and unified communications plan.

Ultimately, Scott Engineering realized a huge increase in reliability, security, and efficiency with the comprehensive solution WTI deployed at their new location. Not only did Scott Engineering realize a tangible savings in their recurring monthly costs and a marked increase in security and productivity, but they also and gained a trusted partner in communications. WTI Communications and Scott Engineering forged a mutually beneficial business relationship in which both parties are valuable and exceptionally happy with the end result.

Hanford Hotel

On a Thursday morning Hanford Hotels encountered a communications issue with the potential to create a serious disruption to business. Their phone system, voicemail, and auto attendant had all gone down -before 9am that morning- just as the day’s business was picking up.

Right away they knew that the old phone system had been in use for many years and was not salvageable, and that a new system would be a sensible investment. They chose to call WTI Communications for support and felt so confident with WTI’s ability to handle the situation that they immediately ordered a new phone system, with equipment, installation and monitoring to be managed by WTI.

By noon that same day WTI was on location at Hanford Hotels replacing the phone system and was able to get their communications up and running within just a few hours and with minimal disruption the company’s daily operations.

What’s more, training provided by WTI, along with reference materials and instructional videos, ensured that the onsite staff at Hanford Hotels was confident in the operation of their new phone system. By the following day Hanford Hotels was back to business as usual and their new phone system is sure to offer reliability and increased efficiency for years to come.


Aquarian, one of the largest makers of drum heads, selected WTI Communications, Inc. to clean up their network environmentand and manage their IT network support. Gabe Diaz from Aquarian says he is "just too busy to hassle with the day to day IT network support and these guys are able to come in take over the network management for a very affordable monthly cost." WTI prepared the IT network to be remotely monitored and managed while doing the network analysis to prep the network for VoIP phone system deployment.

WTI deployed a Hybrid VoIP phone system for Aquarian, giving them flexibility to stay with current analog lines until they could upgrade to PRI or SIP phone lines. That integration went very well, as well as the upgrade to T1 connectivity. WTI’s unique solution allows for just 1 or all 3 parts of the VoIP network solution. As a carrier, VoIP provider, and offering fully managed IT network support, WTI is unique this ever changing IP world of convergence. Aquarian is able to have a fully managed VoIP phone service and IT network for less than they were paying for communications carrier for service and maintenance of their old phone system. This makes for the perfect Triple Play and at a very affordable cost.

Gabe Diaz from Aquarian concludes, "to be honest I would not have been interested in the 15% communications savings by itself but combined with a very cost effective VoIP phone system and IT network support WTI set themselves apart from all of their competition and really solved a major business need here at Aquarian".

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