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Your business uses computer technology every day, from communicating with your customers to processing orders and storing sensitive information. Since every business is unique, every business needs a cloud computing plan designed specifically for its unique needs, and it is of utmost importance that the technology you use be reliable and secure. However, the cost associated with buying and maintaining the best hardware often puts these resources outside the reach of small and medium sized business. Cloud computing solutions from WTI Communications can help your business have reliable services at an affordable cost, with comprehensive maintenance provided and no need for a large initial investment.

WTI’s Solution Delivers Affordable Cloud Computing Services

  • 24/7 tech support from our California-based team of IT experts
  • Data backup and disaster recovery built in
  • Flexibility to expand your services as your business grows
  • Constant data security maintenance and monitoring
  • No initial investment and no unpredictable maintenance costs
  • Predictable, convenient monthly billing at an affordable rate
  • More time to focus your attention on your business

Our cloud solution makes it simple for you to get your business where you want it to be. Get the benefits of having your own in-house data center, without the hassle of bulky storage, or having to arrange for restrictive licensing, complicated installation, or expensive IT support. Cloud services give you the freedom to increase or decrease your business’s storage capacity and other capabilities whenever you need to, all without having to make capital investments in new hardware.

Cloud computing solutions offered by WTI ensures your important information is always secured against hackers and your access to it is never interrupted by an outage. Multiple redundant storage sites and constant remote monitoring provide your business with the ultimate protection for your critical data. Our renowned support service is available 24/7 by our California-based team of IT professionals, ensuring a high degree of efficiency and productivity for your business and peace of mind for you.

Gain the Edge over Your Competition with Cloud Computing

WTI Communications is dedicated to finding the right cloud hosting solution for your small business, and our friendly IT support specialists are available to answer your questions. Contact WTI Communications today to learn more about how our cloud computing services can help your business thrive.

Most of your business’s important information is stored electronically. Our remote monitoring software allows us to ensure that you always stay connected and that the operation of your business is never hindered by your technology. From marketing material, to invoices and all contact information for all you customers, vendors and employees, the information you have acquired over the course of operating your business is vital to its livelihood. If this data is lost or damaged it can test how your customers and partners regard your business and set your progress back by years. Our cloud solution for remote data backup will keep your information safe, secure, and always accessible to you. The facilities housing your data have state of the art security and technology, and your data is stored redundantly across multiple locations, so in the rare event of a disaster your information will remain safe and secure.

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