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Q: Can we keep our same numbers if we switch to WTI?

A: Yes, with WTI’s number portability you can keep the same telephone numbers if you remain within the same calling area.

Q: How long will it take to transfer my telecommunications service to WTI?

A: On average, our installation process takes 30 business days from the time your contract is signed and a survey of your existing facilities has been conducted by one of our Service Engineers. Installation time for data products is slightly longer, with 45 business days being our average.

Q: Will I have one point of contract during the install process or will I have to deal with multiple people?

A: A Project Manager will be assigned as your single point of contact and will call you to discuss our service delivery milestones approximately one week after you sign your contract. The Project Manager will manage the activities of multiple people throughout the installation process and will be your single point of contact during the installation of your services.

Q: Are all installation fees included in my contract?

A: Occasionally, a third party vendor is needed to facilitate your installation. If so, the role of this vendor will be explained to you during the inspection of your facilities and arrangements can be made to have your Project Manager work with your vendor, although all associated charges will be your responsibility.

Q: After service is up and running, who should I call with billing questions or service inquiries?

A: For questions about billing, call Customer Care at 1-888-425-8880. Our hours are Monday – Friday, 8am-6pm (PST). For service inquiries, call our Customer Technical Support Center, available 24/7.

Q: If I’m not satisfied, can I change back to my former provider?

A: Absolutely. Pursuant to our Terms & Conditions, you can terminate your term agreement and only pay for the service you have used if we materially breach the terms and conditions of our Service Agreement. Furthermore, if within the first 60 days we are not substantially performing up to industry standards and you meet the conditions of our Service Guarantee, you may terminate your Service Agreement and we will reimburse you for all reasonable costs you incur to re-establish service with your previous provider, up to the amount you paid us to install your service with us.

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