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HaaS (Hardware as a Service)

The Latest Technology, Available to Your Business with HaaS

For small business, keeping technology current is an uphill battle that never ends. The benefits your business can receive from the most advanced hardware available is astounding, yet the cost puts it out of reach for most small businesses. But wait, there’s still hope! The innovative concept of Hardware as a Service (HaaS) makes cutting edge hardware usually reserved for companies with a multimillion dollar technology budget available to even the smallest business just getting off the ground. To gain the competitive edge your business needs the right tools, and Hardware as a Service can make that a reality.

If your business is struggling to cover the cost of hardware needs, or simply isn’t taking advantage of new technology, HaaS can help your business thrive in today’s hi-tech world. WTI’s HaaS solutions can outfit your business with the hardware you need to operate at peak performance, as well as provide ongoing service and support for as long as the hardware remains at your business. Because you don’t have to buy the hardware outright there is no enormous initial investment that would normally be incurred while outfitting your business with state-of-the-art hardware, and once the hardware becomes obsolete or no longer meets your needs, it can easily be upgraded for something even better.

What Does HaaS Include?

  • Delivery and installation of the quality hardware your business needs
  • Setup of software applications your business needs to operate efficiently
  • Ongoing software and hardware maintenance and monitoring
  • 24/7 tech support from our California-based team of IT experts
  • Predictable, convenient monthly billing at an affordable rate
  • No initial investment and no unpredictable maintenance costs
  • Expand your hardware and related capabilities as your business grows
  • Get the Hardware and Technology Your Business Needs Now

Struggling to Handle All Your Computer Hardware Needs In-House? Rather than letting your small business be at a serious disadvantage when it comes to being able to afford up to date hardware and infrastructure, let WTI Communications come up with a HaaS solution that’s right for your business. HaaS solutions from WTI Communications offer flexibility and predictable, affordable monthly billing.

In today’s highly competitive environment the success of small businesses relies heavily on having quality, reliable technology immediately available, but associated costs are a huge burden on small businesses. With WTI Communications’ HaaS solutions, your company can get the technology it needs to be successful without having to cover the sizable initial cost. Call WTI Communications’ HaaS professionals today to learn how HaaS can benefit your business.

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