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Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber optic internet services are revolutionizing telecommunications. Fiber optic is faster, more reliable, and costs less than traditional copper wire connections. Not only that – it’s extremely scalable, so your bandwidth allocation can seamlessly grow along side your business. Fiber optic also has a very high carrying capacity, allowing for more phone lines and extremely fast internet speeds that provide the very best performance, even under the most bandwidth-intensive application conditions. The digital signals passed through fiber optic cables experience less degradation than any alternative internet source, and unlike the alternatives, do not interfere with signals passing through different fibers in the same cable. Call WTI Communications today (800)455-2000 to find out if fiber is available in your area!

DSL Internet

DSL offers an affordable alternative to T1 service for small businesses. If your business downloads a lot of data from the internet, asynchronous DSL (or ADSL) can provide super-fast download speeds up to 20 Mbps, while businesses that also require extensive upload capability can benefit from Synchronous DSL (SDSL), with matched download and upload speeds. DSL may be your best solution if you do research on the web, download large files, or use the internet on a regular basis to conduct your business. No matter what your business’s needs are, WTI can recommend a data solution that is right for you. Call us today to find out how DSL can improve your business productivity and save you money.


Ethernet is traditionally used for local area networking but is now offered as a carrier internet solution. Available in a number of options, Ethernet is the highly versatile, scalable solution that grows with your business and WTI can help you determine which is best for your business needs. WTI is able to provide service in all the popular Ethernet varieties, including 10-1000 Meg Ethernet, DS3 and Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet. The well establish-technology on which Ethernet services are built is reliable and fast, perfect for businesses that require flexible bandwidth for their voice, data, and communications.

What’s more, Ethernet leverages your existing equipment, so in many cases the initial investment is low. When your business is ready to grow Ethernet is versatile enough to accommodate new equipment, giving you the freedom to grow at your own pace without your communications suffering. Contact WTI today for more information on how Ethernet can help your business.

Point to Point T1

When the maximum level of security and reliability between multiple locations is needed, Point to Point connectivity is a great solution. This option is highly versatile in bandwidth capabilities and suitable applications. If you would like to know more about how Point to Point networking can help your multi-location business have reliable, secure communications between locations, call WTI Communications today.

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