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Our Philosophy

The proactive IT management services philosophy holds that prevention is preferable to reaction; that a predictable monthly IT budget is preferable to unpredictable large IT expenses; and that the sign of a truly well-functioning IT system is when users don’t even notice it’s working. Check out our philosophy to learn more about what drives our exceptional service and support.

Managed IT Solutions

Our managed IT solutions give you the flexibility to grow at your own pace. Our plans are affordable and designed specifically for your needs so you don’t wind up spending more than you need to on IT. WTI Communications can help you streamline your business, increase productivity, and heighten your potential for business success. Call us today to find out more.

Diamond Package

The Diamond package is our all-inclusive IT solution, designed to keep your businesses IT infrastructure operating at optimal performance. Our Diamond customers receive priority status, and key features include on-site service, proactive detection and remediation of all IT concerns, and unlimited 24/7 emergency support from our California-based Network Operations Center (NOC).

Platinum Package

The Platinum package is our semi-inclusive IT solution, in which many feature are available individually for a plan tailored specifically to your needs. Key features include automatic alert validation and escalation, remote support, and management of your VoIP communications services. Ask about our PlatinumPlus plan to find out how you can get even more from our Platinum package.

Gold Package

The Gold package is our IT solution designed to keep your business networks secure. This plan can be customized to meet your specific needs and key features include 24/7 emergency NOC support, virus and malware detection, and continuous monitoring of your network performance and security.

Cloud Hosting Package

The Cloud Hosting package is our IT solution for small business with limited resources. This plan is tailored to meet your specific needs for reliable email, spam filtering, information backup, and web site management options. Call us today to find out how our Cloud Hosting service can benefit you.

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