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A link balancer ensures business continuity by prioritizing your network traffic and managing your redundant internet connections. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the use of a link balancer and WTI Communications is eager to show you how you can improve your service and keep your clients happier with a link balancer. It’s the highly versatile and surprisingly affordable solution for routing and managing network traffic across a number of internet connections. The smart technology built into a link balancer will prioritize bandwidth allocation to ensure your most critical applications always receive the resources they need to function at their maximum capability.

In the fast-changing world of networking technology you may find yourself overwhelmed by the flurry of available options, use of highly technical language, and volume of conflicting advice provided by individuals who only have one piece of the IT puzzle. If your business depends on your ability to communicate clearly and effectively with your clients, vendors, and workforce, a link balancer is your ultimate solution to maximize your businesses potential for success. WTI Communications is your best bet for link balancer services because we have an entire team dedicated to the continuity of your IT network. Our team members are IT professionals and their collective knowledge and varying technical expertise make them a one-stop solution to your desire for business continuity.

What Benefits Can Your Business Get from a Link Balancer?

  • Automatic failover protection in the event of ISP failure, so your network always has a backup plan for ensured connectivity
  • Make sure the most critical parts of your business get the bandwidth they need with network traffic prioritization
  • Traffic balancing is customized to the specific needs of your organization, so inbound and outbound traffic are prioritized in a way that makes sense for your needs
  • Your VoIP SIP communications will be crystal clear with the session persistence management of a link balancer, with the ability to detect and prioritize certain types of traffic
  • With a link balancer managing your redundant ISPs, your network will be more reliable than ever, with fewer outages, less downtime, and faster recovery from ISP-related issues
  • As a result of increased uptime and more effective use of your internet connection, your business will achieve a higher level of productivity and profitability
  • Less network downtime translated in to a higher level of productivity for your employees and a more cost-effective network solution

WTI Communications can provide and manage your business’s link balancer to ensure the most efficient use of your bandwidth and reduce the frequency and length of outages. We can help you maximize the productivity of your network while simultaneously reducing costs and minimizing interruption to your daily business activities. Call us today to receive your free quote and our expert advice on the link balancer solution that is right for your business.

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