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Managed IT Services

Diamond Package

The Diamond package is our all-inclusive IT solution, designed to keep your businesses IT infrastructure operating at optimal performance. Our Diamond customers receive priority status, and key features include on-site service, proactive detection and remediation of all IT concerns, and unlimited 24/7 emergency support from our California-based Network Operations Center (NOC).

Platinum Package

The Platinum package is our semi-inclusive IT solution, in which many feature are available individually for a plan tailored specifically to your needs. Key features include automatic alert validation and escalation, remote support, and management of your VoIP communications services. Ask about our PlatinumPlus plan to find out how you can get even more from our Platinum package.

Gold Package

The Gold package is our IT solution designed to keep your business networks secure. This plan can be customized to meet your specific needs and key features include 24/7 emergency NOC support, virus and malware detection, and continuous monitoring of your network performance and security.

The Major Elements of WTI’s Solution

Central Monitoring Software

Monitoring agents installed on each device on your SMB’s network alert qualified domain engineers whenever an out-of-tolerance condition is observed.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Support is available 24/7 to remotely address issues and respond to alerts. NOC engineers also perform a comprehensive preventative maintenance schedule, and apply all appropriate white-listed software updates. They maintain a detailed log to better diagnose and correct problems in the context of a company’s complete IT history, monitor your network for VoIP traffic, and are available to trouble-shoot your communication issues.

Help Desk for IT and Communications

A fully staffed, US-based help desk responds to a wide range of end user issues and questions. From assisting with the setup of new printer to helping a novice MS Office user solve a problem, we can help. This phone resource is responsive and highly service-oriented.

On-Site Support

The above three elements of WTI’s solution dramatically reduces the need for on-site support, but when the problem demands an on-site technician, a local tech is dispatched. Once on site, the local tech is backed up by both the NOC and help desk staff.

Regular On-Site Business Meetings

Through regular on site meetings WTI learns the needs of each business in order to provide ongoing consulting and technology advice. These meetings provide each business with a report of everything the WTI Diamond solution takes care of behind the scenes. WTI can serve as your V-CTO (Virtual- Chief Technology Officer) through our white glove service.

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