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As an MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) provider with years of experience and a solid track record of accountability and quality service, WTI Communications can help your business run more efficiently. We can enhance your overall user experience by improving bandwidth utilization while reducing network congestion and complexity.

MPLS offers QoS (Quality of Service), which is a general term for the idea that throughput and error rates can be improved and to some extent be guaranteed in advance. Since MPLS is widely used for video, voice, and data traffic, video traffic can be prioritized above other kinds of traffic such as bandwidth for internet browsing. Usually the Host or main location is configured with twice as much port speed than each remote location. “Secure Internet Access” is an available feature of MPLS that provides internet service to every location.

7 Tips to Help You Choose an MPLS Provider and Get the Most Out of the Deal

1. Consider the Return on Investment (ROI)

No matter what your situation, it’s likely that MPLS can save you money in the long run. When considering the initial investment involved in switching to an MPLS, keep in mind how much you will save in the long term, both in monthly recurring costs and in periodic maintenance fees.

2. Look for Excellent Customer Service and Always-Available NOC

Emergencies don’t have the courtesy to wait until normal business hours to occur. This means 24/7 live support is absolutely essential for the stability of your business’s connectivity. In the event a piece of equipment malfunctions it is important that a local tech, dispatched by your MPLS provider, be able to respond to your needs quickly.

3. Combine Services to Save Money

A provider that can bundle all your communications services delivered over T1 will be able to save you a significant amount of money over what you can get purchasing different services from various providers. This gives you fewer vendors to manage as well as streamlines your services.

4. Managed Services and Proactive Remediation are a Must

With managed services supplied by your MPLS provider you are free to focus your attention on enhancing your business rather than haggling with IT issues. Look for a service provider that offers managed services that include proactive remediation so that any problems are automatically detected and resolved, and your communications stay up.

5. Study the Service Level Agreements (SLA)

The SLA will detail acceptable numbers of downtime and other minimum performance guarantees for your network. Ensuring that your provider has an SLA and is open about sharing their promises to you will help make sure your business is not interrupted by unscheduled services outages or chronic poor performance.

6. Realize that all Hardware is Not Created Equal

Ensure that the provider you choose has the right infrastructure for your needs, and is established with a record of quality service without interruptions. Relatively new technology, as MPLS is, is best purchased from a provider that is well established in communications technologies MPLS evolved from as they will have extensive experience with it.

7. You Need the Flexibility to Grow at Your Own Pace

Scalability is especially important to small and medium sized businesses as they must constantly adapt to changing conditions. Ensure your network provider will work with you to make any changes you may need to adopt down the road.

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