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Network Services

WTI is a voice communications and Internet Service Provider (ISP) that can manage anything with an IP address. We remotely monitor business IT networks with our self-healing software and proactively head off 95% of business IT network support emergencies. WTI provides VoIP business telephone service, business internet services (ISP), and IT solutions. These offerings are available individually or in customized combinations and phases, all consolidated on one clear, understandable invoice. Which combination is right for your business?

MPLS Provider

As an MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) provider with years of experience and a solid track record of reliability, WTI Communications can help your business run more efficiently. We can enhance your overall user experience by improving bandwidth utilization, reducing network congestion and complexity, and achieve the end result of helping your business realize a tangible savings through better communications.

Voice PRI and T1

Using voice PRI (Primary Rate Interface) can give your business a more competitive rate for your phone lines, and with greater flexibility than what is available with analog lines. WTI delivers voice PRI over a T1 line, and can help any business with 20+ phone users realize a tangible and immediate savings in their phone line costs when switching from analog lines.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing solutions from WTI Communications can help your business get reliable services at an affordable cost, with maintenance provided and no need for a large initial investment. Cloud computing makes sophisticated technology and applications affordable to small business operating with limited resources.

VoIP SIP Communication

VoIP SIP (session initiation protocol) gives your communications network limitless versatility. WTI can help your business harness the power of VoIP SIP communications, whether your needs are for simplistic two-way telephone calls or more complex multi-media teleconferences. SIP allows for the convergence of voice and multimedia services, meaning your applications integrate seamlessly you’re your other services.

Phone Services

WTI Communications offers a wide variety of phone services that can be tailored to fit your specific business needs. No matter what your requirements, we can find a solution that works for you. Contact us today to find out how. Some of our most popular offers include toll free numbers, long distance, and call forwarding.

Internet Services

Exploring the available options for internet services can easily become overwhelming, particularly for those that are pressed for time and not particularly tech-oriented. WTI takes the guesswork out of selecting internet services for your business. We will ensure that you are receiving the best rate based on your specific needs, and that you don’t wind up paying for services you don’t use.

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