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WTI Communications, Inc. and Our Commitment to Our Customers

WTI Communications delivers communication services including MPLS, Fast Ethernet, SIP, VoIP, Voice PRI, internet T1’s, and much more, acting as your point of contact with carrier and vendors so you always have a friend on the inside. As your managed services provider we take full accountability for your IT problems, and utilize 100% of our available resources and industry experience to produce the fastest resolution possible. Live, California-based support is available 24/7, so we will always be here when you need us.

We understand that your business’s ability to communicate effectively is crucial, and that outages can wreak havoc on small business. That is why we treat every client as a valued business partner and promise to use every available resource to make sure your business’s communications function accurately and efficiently. With WTI, your network will never be left unattended. We proactively monitor your network and at the first sign of trouble our state of the art monitoring software notifies a network engineer who addresses the issue immediately.

We are an Orange County-based managed services provider with a history of over 8 years in quality service affordable to small business, and over 13 years of experience in providing communication services to our clients. Utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry we have developed a unique approach to our services, allowing us to create and execute a plan of action customized to your business’s needs. The special attention your business receives from WTI Communications will give you the confidence to focus your attention on aspects of your business other than your IT concerns.

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