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Our Philosophy

The Benefits of Proactive IT Management

The managed IT services philosophy holds that prevention is preferable to reaction; that a predictable monthly IT budget is preferable to occasional surprise large IT expenses; and that the sign of a truly well-functioning IT system is when users don’t even notice it’s working. WTI’s Diamond solution embodies this philosophy by actively predicting potential problems, resolving issues before they turn into “fire-fighting” emergencies, and inoculating against future incidents. It delivers the lowest cost resources efficiently, assigns remote technicians and engineers to basic demands, and quickly escalates more complicated issues to the most skilled resources. Because numerous IT network support personnel are always available (the NOC, help desk, and individual technicians), multiple issues can be resolved simultaneously. This results in a faster time to resolution and greater end-user productivity.

Think of us as your IT smoke alarms. We detect and solve problems before the need for fire fighters arises. In the event of an IT emergency we are very responsive, but always prefer a proactive approach over a reactive one. As owners and managers of SMBs face increasingly challenging market conditions, the task to find Business IT network solutions that require a minimum investment in time, expertise, and budget will only grow more urgent. As businesses find ways to use technology to gain a competitive advantage, the need to adopt sensible long-term IT strategies that treat technology as an asset rather than an adversary will only become more urgent.

Very few managed IT services providers can meet both the budgetary and service level requirements of small businesses, and the consulting arms of major technology companies cannot efficiently target companies with 5-550 employees. Meanwhile, individual technology consultants lack formalized vendor relationships, the technological infrastructure necessary to offer round-the-clock support, and resources to efficiently bundle services into a comprehensive offering. Managed IT services providers who can offer a compelling product to small businesses have a rare opportunity to reach a large (and potentially very loyal) market segment that has until now been virtually neglected. WTI’s managed IT services offer small businesses a way through this thicket of pressing issues, and helps them to emerge stronger, more competitive and more efficient.

WTI has developed a mature suite of products tailored to the needs of small businesses, and has established communications, VoIP and managed business IT network support infrastructure, and vendor relationships that meet the growing demands of SMBs. WTI has the expertise needed to provide managed business IT network support, business T1 lines and VoIP business telephone systems to the growing base of small businesses with 5 to 759 employees. The need to do more with less, the challenges of competition, and technical complexity that SMB’s face will only grow, so the time for managed IT support is now.

High-quality technology is crucial for your growing business – but the ongoing costs of new components and IT support can be challenging for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to manage. Our company is a Southern California based managed service provider that offers a better solution: A managed IT services program providing you with experienced, qualified specialists to handle your IT hardware and software needs, from servers and networks to your desktops and laptops.

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