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Phone Services

The ability to communicate clearly and efficiently is crucial to the success of your business. You’re your communication system is working well, business flows better end-to-end. WTI Communications’ phone services allow for seamless integration of all your businesses communication needs into your new or existing network, tailored to provide all the services your business needs to maximize success. Call us today to find out how better communication can enhance your business.

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) Lines

POTS lines –simply a pair of copper wires run to your location– use analog signals to make and receive calls. These lines are primarily used as an add-on to other services, such as alarms or backup lines, as they lack many advanced features most businesses will want to use. It is important to think about your business’s future needs when considering your communications service. POTS lines are not adequate for companies with more than 8 employees, so if your business is already beyond this point or growing, check out voice PRI and T1, or other VoIP options to get a quality phone system at a reasonable price. Contact WTI Communications today to find out more.

Switched Long Distance (Switched LD)

Switched long distance is first received by or sent to the local company and then is "switched" to the long distance company, hence the name. This option tends to have higher rates than dedicated long distance, but is good for businesses that make few long distance calls because there is no usage commitment. Contact WTI Communications today to find out more.

Dedicated Long Distance (Dedicated, T1 LD)

Dedicated Long distance is service that is directly connected to the long distance company, and only available on dedicated T-1 service. This option has better rates than switched long distance, particularly on both outbound and inbound toll free calls. Long distance T-1s are usually sold with monthly usage revenue commitments, and are good for customers that do a large volume of long distance calling.

If you haven’t revisited your long distance plan recently, now is a good time. Rates have declined significantly in recent years and we can help determine if you are getting the best rate on your switched or dedicated long distance. Contact WTI Communications today for your free quote.

Call Forwarding

You can use call forwarding to streamline your business while simultaneously improving your level of customer service. Increase your visibility and availability by utilizing a remote call forwarding service, which automatically transfers incoming calls to any local, long distance, or toll free number. With remote call forwarding you’ll have the ability to always be in touch with your clients, vendors, and employees from anywhere. Call forwarding is great for a traveling work force, remote employees, or any business with members who aren’t all at one location all the time. Contact WTI Communications today to find out more.

Toll Free

Toll free numbers are a great way for businesses to provide an easy way for their prospective clients to contact them, as well as increase visibility and associate a level of professionalism to the company name. No matter what size your company is, a toll free number can enhance your business communication and help build consumer confidence in your product. Adding a toll free number is fast, easy, and inexpensive. What’s more, your new toll free number can ring to your current business telephone, whether that is your office, mobile, or any other phone. Contact WTI Communications today to find out more.

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