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VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP allows you to access your phone system anywhere there’s an Internet connection; anywhere in the world. It’s a smart option for budget-minded businesses, and WTI is happy to help you find the right phone system for your business.

Link Balancer

The smart technology built into a link balancer will prioritize bandwidth allocation to ensure your most critical applications always receive the resources they need to function at their maximum capability. WTI’s team members are IT professionals and their collective knowledge and varying technical expertise make them a one-stop solution to your desire for business continuity.

HaaS (Hardware as a Service)

If your business is struggling to cover the cost of hardware needs, or simply isn’t taking advantage of new technology, HaaS can help your business thrive in today’s hi-tech world. WTI’s HaaS solutions can outfit your business with the hardware you need to operate at peak performance, as well as provide ongoing service and support for as long as the hardware remains at your business.

Allworx Products

Allworx products have been recognized year after year for their commitment to excellence, offering great features, high flexibility, and affordability. Through our years of experience working with various manufacturers in this industry, we stand behind Allworx as our preferred manufacturer of VoIP equipment.

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