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Letter of Recommendation

Through our years of experience working with various manufacturers in this industry, we have found Allworx equipment to be the most reliable equipment and most scalable solution to the phone system needs of any business.

Allworx products have been formally recognized year after year for their commitment to excellence, and we are proud to share the following letter of recommendation for WTI as an Authorized Allworx Partner, provided by Jason Beckett, Director of Sales at Allworx.

Dear Mr. ———,

Thank you for your interest in the purchase of an Allworx IP Phone System. The specific Allworx system proposed by WTI Communications is not only award-winning in its design, feature set, and capabilities, but additionally it promises to serve your organization’s needs year after year. Based on their many years of professional experience, I am confident that WTI Communications will provide you with the highest level of satisfaction and that this combination will allow you to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing world.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have WTI Communications as one of our fully Authorized Allworx Partners. Their foresight, technical expertise and product knowledge will benefit you directly, fulfill your immediate and specific needs, and will help future-proof your business. Allworx requires each and every partner to meet the most stringent training requirements, and to remain technically certified on a regular basis. This ensures you receive the highest level of support. We stand behind our partner’s commitment to quality of service with our own support policy. Our Authorized Partners have the full Allworx support team behind them. The Channel Sales Manager, Sales Engineer and the Allworx Technical Support team work hand-in hand with our partners to assure you receive the optimum Allworx experience.

I am confident that when you select the Allworx solution, you will be satisfies with you decision. As part of the rapidly growing family of Windstream companies, I know you will be pleased with our products. If there is ever anything I can personally do to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Jason Beckett
Director of Sales


WTI is proud to present the following sample testimonials from just a few of our many satisfied customers.

I really wasn’t expecting that WTI would be able to really save us much since we had done our homework for telecommunications providers.

We were completely wrong! WTI was able to reduce our costs by 38%. I can’t say enough good things about these guys! Thanks again.

Josh Wilhelm, LightHouse Graphics, LLC

To the Entire Team I would like to thank you all for your support and exceptional service. From Sales to Customer Support, Technical Support (Which I do not even have much interaction with due to the high reliability of our Telecommunications) the level of excellence provided is Phenomenal.

In Addition I just wanted to give a big thanks to the Entire WTI Team for their hard work getting our DS3 up and running on Friday April 15th 2011.

Once again Joe Jenkin provided exceptional service and stayed until the job was complete. I appreciate the gentleman who drove all the way from Greybar in OC to drop off a cable; this is the kind of service that makes WTI the best Telecommunications Company I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.


Steve Nares, IT Manager

The team at WTI Communications, Inc. has far exceeded my expectations on installation, delivery of services and customer care. From Joe Jenkin doing his site survey to our VoIP and internet services.

Debi, CFO

WTI set out to upgrade our network to get ready for VoIP, handle our business transactions, and other data traffic on our network. A key requirement was network reliability and single point of contact for all voice and data needs. We had a frame relay and DSL network and wanted to deploy MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) to handle all our traffic. We selected WTI Communications, Inc. for our network needs and now utilize a state of the art MPLS T-1 network which is fully redundant.

After a quick and painless transition, we continue to work with WTI to decrease the number of lines we use and to consolidate all of our voice and data needs to a single vendor and a single bill to minimize the cost of our network. We recently completed the review our network needs and other vendors’ offerings. We were pleased to see that WTI’s network technology remains state of the art and pricing is at or below the price quoted by others.

We are very pleased with the results and look forward to a continued relationship with WTI.

Terry McBride, Controller

We called WTI support about 8:40am on a Thursday to let them know that our phone system had gone down, including the whole voice mail system and auto attendant. After many years of use we knew that our old AT&T/lucent phone system was end of life. While on the call we decided to replace it and WTI was onsite by noon to install our new phone system. The WTI team had us back and running that afternoon. Our staff was fully trained within a short time with the help of WTI’s helpful videos and we were back to business as usual by the following day.

Tony Eccher, CFO

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