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Vendor Management

Vendor Management Solutions from WTI

WTI Communications has extensive experience and specialized knowledge in billing and customer needs for business IT networks, VoIP phone service and Business T1 Lines. Our high level of industry experience makes us a great choice for your vendor management needs. Our professional team of in-house engineers, regulatory experts, and attorneys can help make sure you are getting the most from each of your vendors.

We can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend working with your vendors by taking over the day to day management of them. Additionally, we will identify vendors who are performing below standard or overcharging you, raising the quality of services delivered to you while removing those that are hurting your business. You will save time and money, which you can allocate toward growing your business and improving your relationships with your clients.

WTI’s Vendor Management Service at a Glance

  • We audit tariffs and regulatory fees that appear on your bill
  • We review all incoming and outgoing line fees
  • We review all charges for incoming services (IT, VoIP, ISP, etc.)
  • We review internet bandwidth (ISP) and access fees
  • We identify unneeded services and physical lines
  • We review VoIP business telephone systems, technologies and configurations
  • We review disaster and recovery plans

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