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Get the Benefits of Server Virtualization

Virtualization offers a cost-efficient and easy way to save time and energy while reducing the amount of time you spend dealing with IT complications. It’s the simple, smart way to get access to the services and applications you need without the burden of a high initial investment or having to maintain equipment. WTI’s Virtualization solution can help your business get the resources it needs to operate at peak efficiency. Call us today to learn more about what virtualization can do for your business.

Four Great Ways Virtualization Can Help Your Business

Save money on your utility bills and hardware maintenance costs by using less power to run and cool physical servers. Since one physical machine can house several virtual servers, the amount of hardware maintenance required for virtual servers is reduced exponentially.

Go green with your servers by virtualizing them. Virtualization allows your servers to take advantage of the capacity of physical servers much more resourcefully, meaning your power consumption is at peak efficiency.

Work more efficiently by consolidating your applications and reducing the amount of unused capacity on your servers. By using your resources more intelligently, virtualization takes the most advantage of allocated resources.

Get close to the cloud, as the concept behind virtualization is very similar to the concept behind cloud computing. As a result, virtualizing will help your business receive many of the benefits that make cloud computing so popular: high security, easy to upgrade, extremely reliable, and inexpensive to set up and maintain.

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