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Voice PRI and T1’s

A Peace of Mind You Can Count on in this Digital World!

Using voice PRI (Primary Rate Interface) can give your business a more competitive rate for your phone lines, and with greater flexibility than what is available with analog lines. WTI delivers voice PRI over a T1 line, and can help any business with 20+ phone users realize a tangible and immediate savings in their phone line costs.

Voice PRI over Dynamic T1 makes quality voice and data services affordable to small and medium sized businesses. PRI is smart; voice calls are given priority in order to ensure maximum clarity, but when phone lines are not in use the bandwidth is reallocated to your data connection, meaning faster internet speeds. With PRI you get the best of both worlds, as well as an array of useful and money-saving features, such as high speed internet, great rates on local and long distance phone calls, virtual private numbers, and much more.

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WTI will collaborate with its engineers and legal counsel to determine accuracy of communications, regulatory fees, and rate tariffs, as well as audit the complete network infrastructure for a client. The result will be ongoing cost savings, elimination of unused lines or ISP bandwidth, legal negotiation with vendors and reduce overall costs for voice & data communication. WTI deploys MPLS network services along with our VPLS network, Fast Ethernet, & VPN services to simplify network operations. This approach allows WTI to satisfy diverse customer requirements on an individual basis. WTI carefully considers each customer’s different security concerns, number of sites, number of users, routing complexity, mission-critical applications, traffic patterns, traffic volumes, staff networking expertise, and willingness to outsource their business IT network services. As a VPLS and MPLS Provider, WTI has a way to efficiently scale the network without major disruptions to your current WAN or VoIP solution. There is NO fee to you, the customer! WTI will do an analysis free of charge and can provide the written proposal.

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