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VoIP SIP Communication

WTI Communications’ VoIP SIP (session initiation protocol) services give your communications network limitless versatility and room to grow. We can help your business get the most out of technology through the power of VoIP SIP communications, and whether your needs are for simplistic two-way telephone calls or more complex multi-media teleconferences, we can help your business thrive.

SIP allows for the convergence of voice and multimedia services, meaning your applications integrate seamlessly you’re your other services, and because. WTI is a full-service communications company offering a spectrum of data and voice products to businesses we can streamline your communications in a way you never thought possible. WTI’s unique approach means it is one of the only providers to offer high quality business T1 Lines, business telephone systems, and business IT network support. WTI bundles voice and data by using VOIP across our fully redundant, fault tolerant MPLS network to create efficiencies and cost reductions.

Many IT departments are taxed for time, thus unable to manage multiple providers. Unlike most of our competitors, which only offer one piece of the IT puzzle, WTI provides complete end-to-end solutions through business telephone systems, business IT network support, and communication services. We include VoIP, wireless backup and internet security to complement your MPLS network services design. Most MPLS providers are limited to a regional or geographical area, while WTI Communications provides services on a national level, including business telephone systems. We are the triple play experts.

Why Choose Services from WTI Communications?

Zero Network Changes

In most cases our services are transparent to your existing network connections, meaning it requires no network changes. Just plug it in.

Balanced ISP Connections

Our services work in conjunction with your existing Internet connection to increase web download speeds or add additional business T1 lines or Fast Ethernet to your solution.

Available Server Applications

Customers with onsite servers can realize 99.999% uptime, even in the event of a major ISP outage. Check out our cloud solutions if your business servers are experiencing unacceptable downtime.

Unbeatable Price vs. Performance

No other service on the market today provides WTI’s capabilities.

The Market Leader

We were the first to offer high-speed broadband redundancy solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

Commitment to Excellence

WTI has over seven years of experience in delivering network reliability.

The Reliable Bandwidth Advisors

Gain increased reliability, enjoy faster web downloads, stop dealing with IT headaches, and double your internet speed; starting at only $99/month.

What’s Included in Solutions from WTI Communications?

Broadband Management

Our service is used in combination with our partners’ internet connectivity, allowing us to deliver more bandwidth, faster responsiveness, and 99.999% redundancy to our customers. With WTI’s business internet service providers you will be up and running quickly.

Switching Technology

WTI communications will provide a switching device which automatically detects any outage and connects to our NOC systems to redirect traffic as needed. This switch is fully managed by WTI and can also be used to load balance traffic between two (or more) connections.

24/7 Monitoring

With every WTI deployment, we also provide 24/7 network monitoring by our dedicated network operations center. If an outage occurs we will notify the network administrator and provide an outage report.

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